Bond with the local community

We believe in the importance of creating value for the community by supporting cultural initiatives and local regeneration works
Deeply influenced by the local context in which it was born and developed, Sanlorenzo has become over time a strategic partner of its host territory. In particular, it has made a significant contribution to the realisation of important redevelopment works, such as the creation - completed in 2019 - of the embankment of the river Magra (in Ameglia) to the benefit not only of the company's activities, but also of the adjacent town, which would otherwise be exposed to the risk of flooding.

We promote and sponsor important cultural and artistic events in the area: for some years we have been supporting the literary event "Un Mare di Libri" conceived by the La Spezia writer and journalist Marco Ferrari. It takes place every year in Monterosso and hosts important personalities who present their books.

Since 2019, we have been working alongside the Municipality of Lerici to promote the Lerici Pea Golfo dei Poeti Prize, one of the most representative awards on the Italian and international literary scene, dedicated to enhancing Italian poetry with specific focus on Ligurian authors. In particular, in the last edition, Sanlorenzo created a "poetic walk" in the Golfo dei Poeti, applying QR codes along the entire route, so that visitors can discover the biographies of the poets step by step and listen to their poems, thus enhancing the beauty of the territory and art.

We contributed to the restoration of the splendid Sala delle Polene in the Museo Tecnico Navale in La Spezia, while every year we support the famous Festival della Mente organised by the Municipality of Sarzana, the European-wide initiative dedicated to creativity and the birth of ideas, in which contemporary speakers offer meetings, readings, performances and workshops for cultural exploration throughout the city.