Increased Voting Right

Increased Voting Right
The By-laws of Sanlorenzo adopted by the extraordinary shareholders' meeting of 24 October 2019 introduced the “shares with increased voting rights” in accordance with Article 127-quinquies of Italian Consolidated Law on Finance.

Article 6 of the By-laws states that shareholders have two votes per share, relating to the shares held on an ongoing basis for at least 24 months starting from the registration on the specific special list established by the Company.

Shareholders intending to obtain the registration in the list must apply for admission with the intermediary which keeps the accounts on which the shares are recorded in accordance with existing regulations, using the application form here attached.

All details relevant to the procedure for the registration, maintenance and updating of the list, complying with the applicable laws, the By-laws and the market practice, are described in the Increased Voting Right Regulation, approved by the Board of Directors of Sanlorenzo on 24 October 2019.

Increased Voting Rights Regulation
Request form for registration in the list for the assignment of increased voting rights
List of relevant shareholders that requested to be registered in the increased voting rights list
List of relevant shareholders that obtained increased voting rights