Pre-owned yachts

A Sanlorenzo yacht is forever. Sanlorenzo’s knowledgeable and highly
qualified staff take care of the yachts traded-in by its customers, by
implementing a maintenance program that guarantees that each model
is given a new lease of life. This translates into an opportunity to look
at pre-owned yachts from a totally new perspective.


Other brands

All boats that join Sanlorenzo’s pre-owned yacht fleet receive a new
lease of life. Sanlorenzo’s tailored maintenance program puts the
traded-in yachts in the expert hands of knowledgeable and qualified
staff. This guarantees the perfect condition of the boats offered to
new owners. This is an opportunity to look at pre-owned yachts from
a totally new perspective



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Experienced Yachts

This process starts with the boat's assessment and ends with its delivery to the new owner. Each Experienced Yacht is surveyed, managed, and reconditioned by our specialists to guarantee the efficiency of on-board machinery and systems.


Assessment This includes a survey of the hull and its appendages, a test at sea, with transcription of engine data and a test of the engine plus a test of all onboard systems.

Work implementation This entails the refitting, repair and/or replacement of parts to guarantee the yacht is efficient in all its parts and looks at its best.

Testing Testing comprises a pre-delivery test of each individual onboard device, equipment, and system.

Pre-delivery work

All work carried out onboard guarantees that the yacht looks like new:
  • Engine service
  • Genset service
  • Bilges cleaning
  • Sanitization fan coil filters
  • Replacement of anodes
  • Antifouling
  • Hull and superstructure polishing if required

The exclusive Experienced Yachts warranty

One year Warranty according to UE rules. Warranty applies to the UE buyers only as per European regulation

Experienced yachts, the reliability of Sanlorenzo's direct management guaranteed by a dedicated team of experts

Each stage of each Experienced Yacht's lifecycle is in the hands of dedicated and knowledgeable staff: captains; experienced system and equipment technicians; experts in GRP boat construction, bodywork, and carpentry.
Experienced Yachts look good, are in perfect working order and are always in flawless condition for the joy of their new owner.

The berthing of the boats takes place in only two marinas, both located in the area of La Spezia, allows direct management and control of all the refitting and related work.

The program can apply to selected yachts worldwide.
Once refitted, Experienced Yachts undergo regular checks to ensure that their condition and working order is guaranteed at all times and over a long-term period.